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Snow Adventure Activities

Harmony Igloo Stay offer an exhilarating range of activities for all winter enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced snowboarder or a first-time adventurer, we have something for everyone. Strap on your snowboard and carve through the pristine slopes, feeling the rush of the wind against your face as you master the art of snowboarding. If you're looking for a thrilling ride, hop on one of our tubes and slide down the snowy hills, experiencing the excitement of speed and twists. For those seeking a classic winter activity, our skiing courses provide the perfect opportunity to glide effortlessly down the slopes, mastering turns and enjoying the picturesque scenery. If you prefer a more serene adventure, join our guided snow hikes, where you can explore the breathtaking winter landscapes while immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature. Whatever your preferred snow adventure, our center ensures an unforgettable experience filled with excitement, adrenaline, and stunning winter beauty.

Harmony Igloo stay

Our Igloo accommodations offer the ideal blend of comfort and adventure for a romantic
getaway or family adventure. We understand that each guest is unique, and we take pride in offering experiences to meet
your specific requirements and budget. Our friendly staff creates a personalized itinerary that suits your preferences. You can choose the duration
of your stay. Whether you're planning a short escape or an extended retreat, we have the best package to suit your needs.



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exteriors view of a modern villa in the foreground the swimming pool
Over water villas on a tropical lagoon of Moorea Island, Tahiti

Harmony Manali Igloo Stay

Harmony Manali Igloo Stay is an adventure outfit based in Manali. Apart from providing adventure activities, we are credited with being the pioneer of “IGLOO STAY” Concept in India and particularly in Manali (Hamta Valley) which was finally conceptualized way back in the year 2016 and since then it has become one of the favourites of adventure enthusiasts during the winter months (Dec ending to first week of March) and thus we have set a new milestone in Winter Tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Check out the range of tour package designed by Harmony Manali Igloo Stay for your exclusive Journey. You can also customize your tour according to your requirement and budget.

More Adventures

Let's know the adventure activity famous in Manali for the Travelers Lovers. Here Harmony Manali Igloo Stay exploring you about the Sky turing, Treking, Camping and Motercycle Tour activity you can enjoy.

Snow Hikes

it's time for a snowy adventure, Embark on a snow hike, where memories will be captured.So gear up and join us, embrace the snowy terrain, Snow hikes await, where adventure and beauty reign.Discover hidden treasures along the snowy path, Unveiling nature's secrets

Snow Hikes Trek

Strap on your snowshoes, it's time to trek, Embark on a snowy journey, where the beauty is unchecked.A snow trek awaits, where serenity and beauty will be key.Push through the powdery snow, with each stride, As we trek through valleys and mountainside.

Motorcycle Tour

A motorcycle tour awaits, where memories will be gold.So gear up, hop on your bike, and let the journey unfold,Witness breathtaking vistas, as you ride through nature's embrace, From mountains to coastlines, every mile an exquisite chase.

Harmony Igloo Tour

In harmony with snow, an igloo tour unfolds, Sleep under the stars, in cozy ice abodes.Step into a winter wonderland, where dreams come true, Join us on a journey, through an Igloo made for you.The Harmony Igloo tour, an adventure like no other,


Our Clients Reviews

It was an amazing Tour designed by Harmony Manali Igloo Stay for our Honeymoon in Manali in Igloo Stay. Everything was perfect. Thanks Harmony Manali Igloo Stay Team....

Pranav Sharma

Thanks Harmony Manali Igloo Stay
team to making our family tour
amazing servics and enjoyable. We found you through google but you guys will be our friend forever Thanks....

Ridhi Garg

Harmony Manali Igloo Stay arranged our tour package and provide me best Igloo accomodation it was awsome too much enjoyable and comfortable in best rate. Thanks...

Navish Kaushik

    Igloo Harmony Manali

    Embrace the Arctic serenity at Harmony Igloo Stay

    Experience the ultimate winter retreat at Harmony Igloo Stay in Manali. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the snow-capped Himalayas, this unique accommodation offers an enchanting blend of comfort and adventure.